Darby Industries, Inc.

Our Company

Darby Industries is a third-generation, family business. We have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing our own truck bed extender product line for five decades. Our home business lies at the foot of the Endless Mountains along the Susquehanna River. Since we enjoy the same outdoor lifestyle as the customers we serve, we value high-quality products. Our intuitive designs reflect the clever and resourceful spirit of the very customers who use them—customers like you.

My name is Tom Darby. I am the current owner of Darby Industries. My family heritage has roots in watersports and the invention of windsurfing. This fascinating background inspires and motivates me to keep designing useful outdoor products.

To this day, Darby Industries only markets products we invent here in the workshop. An example is the truck bed extender line. For more than fifty years, our company has built its fine reputation on the premise of thoughtful innovation.

We offer a straightforward product line that does exactly what it says. The founders of this company will provide you with personalized customer service every step of the way.

Perhaps this weekend you need a truck bed extender to transport a canoe down to the boat launch. Next weekend you may want to haul lumber home for a weekend project. Darby products serve as excellent no-hassle solutions for both work and play. Their pre-assembled design makes for quick and easy installation.

Additionally, their versatile, universal application means retailers and dealerships can stock the parts, educate customers, and close the sale on the spot. It also removes all of the guesswork for people like you who are researching a similar product purchase elsewhere.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that Darby Industries confidently stands behind these claims with a competitive manufacturer’s warranty.

Learn more about the Extend-A-Truck, Turbo Rack, and Kayak Blocks:

Tom’s father, Ken Darby, designed and patented this truck bed extender as the first of its kind.

Turbo Rack
A genius cargo management solution that works with the Extend-A-Truck for overhead hauling. It also works independently as a roof rack. Removes easily when not in use.

Kayak Blocks
Kayak Blocks also work in tandem with the Extend-a-Truck to provide a safe and secure cradle for kayak and canoe transport.