Truck Accessories FAQ'S

Find Answers to Truck Accessories FAQ’s.  If you don’t find something here please don’t hesitate to contact us!


What size trailer hitch does the Extend-A-Truck fit?

The Darby Extend-A-Truck fits a Class III or Class IV hitch with a 2″ receiver.

Can I lay the tailgate flat while the Extend-A-Truck is in roof height position?

Unfortunately, no. You will not be able to lay the tailgate flat while the Extend-A-Truck is in roof height position. At bed height, the tailgate will already be open and extended.

Can the Extend-A-Truck support more than one kayak?

Many people use the Extend-A-Truck to transport more than one kayak or canoe.

Remember, however, that the maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds and the support beam is four feet. The size and weight of your respective boats could overload the unit or even your vehicle.

Also, be mindful of how that additional cargo may affect your handling, visibility, and braking.

Does the Extend-A-Truck come with support straps?

The Darby Extend-A-Truck does not come with the tie-down straps you see in the pictures. At either end of the T-bar, you will see two small hoops. Light rope or cable can be run through these for extra security.

Our Recommendation

However, we highly recommend the use of ratchet straps.  Attached via S-hooks or snap hooks to the Extend-A-Truck’s adjustment holes and the vehicle’s bumper. This will eliminate any rattle, providing extra stability and peace of mind. We also recommend wrapping rope or cable around both the horizontal cross bar and the item you are hauling. This will add additional reinforcement.

Check out our photo gallery for visual examples.

Is the top support arm of the Extend-A-Truck adjustable?

The crossbar of the “T” on the Extend-A-Truck is 48″ wide. It is only adjustable in height.

My Extend-A-Truck has a broken or missing part(s). What should I do?

In case you should encounter any missing parts or defective units.  Please do not contact the retailer where you purchased this item. Instead, please contact Darby Industries toll-free at 1-800-344-2472.

Since the Extend-A-Truck projects out behind the vehicle, is it legal in my state?

Most states allow vehicle-overhang during hauling, as long as the load is properly marked to alert other drivers. However, we urge everyone to check their local and state laws before using Extend-A-Truck, as regulations can change.

How does the Turbo Rack install?

Here are the steps:

First, Insert each end of the bar into the holes in the foam towers. (The printing on the foam towers should face outward.)

Then, adjust the telescopic bar so that the foam towers sit on the outermost part of the vehicle’s roof.

Next, insert the strap hooks into the holes at either end of the bar, located just outside the foam towers.

Position the assembled rack on the vehicle’s roof. With the doors open, place the straps inside the vehicle and feed the strap end into the clamp.  Then recheck positioning of the entire system, and then pull the strap to tighten in the clamp.

You may need to tuck or wrap the loose strap end so it doesn’t interfere with driver visibility.

Does the Turbo Rack come with straps?

Yes, the Turbo Rack comes with one telescopic steel support bar, two high-density foam pillars, two nylon straps, and two S-hooks.

I have a sunroof, can I still use the Turbo Rack?

Yes. The foam towers are adjustable and can be positioned away from the sunroof. However, we recommend keeping the sunroof closed while using the Turbo Rack.

Can I use the Turbo Rack if I have roof-mounted side airbags?

No, do not use this strap-through Turbo Rack if you have roof-mounted side airbags. The strap could interfere with the bag’s deployment.

Could a cargo basket be mounted to two Turbo Racks?

We do not recommend using this product with a cargo basket. The Turbo Rack is intended as a temporary roof rack for longer items that can be laid and strapped down.  Such as plywood, boards, carpeting, ladders, canoes, and kayaks.